US Cellular has new money saving plans!!

US Cellular has come out with new plans this month that can really save you some money. They now let you have more choice over what you want and need on your plan. If you need just a single line or a family plan, they have amazing new ways to customize your plan to fit your needs. Alright, if you dont want a contract, US Cellular has some great prepaid plans with data included!! What a great company!! Their customers spoke and they listened. All this comes with the one of a kind rewards program and first class customer service. For pricing and details you can call 1-(888)944-9400 or click this link and see how much money you can save this year with the best company and happiest customers in wireless.

My name is Tony & I am a proud member of USCC Customer Crew!! 🙂


Have you heard the word?? No, not the “Bird” song….:)

Good evening everyone!! US Cellular is offering a great deal rightnow for new customers that come over and join our amazing family!!! You get a $100.00 bill credit when activating any device along with $50.00-$150.00 trade in on any qualifying smartphone!! They offer overage forgiveness, free activations and one and done contracts. Thats just the beginning of all the great things USCC has to offer…you get to update at a discount price in 18 months, as soon as 10 months when you use the belief points. Whats points you are asking…..well USCC gives you points every month for just being part of the family, its called the belief project the one and only rewards program in the industry. Need to save $$, they got you covered there too, you can get up to 5% off your bill every month for going paperless and signing up for autopay. Never have to worry about your bill being late again.  It dont get any better than that ladies and gentlemen.:) Want more info and check out their amazing single line and family plans click this link and come join the happiest  customers in wireless!! or call 1-888-944-9400 and speak with one of the world class customer service reps. Have a great evening!! My name is Tony and I’m a proud member of the USCC Customer Crew.

The Big Change

I had a Samsung Stride before I switched over to a Smartphone because back then a phone was a phone as long as it made calls thats all that mattered to me. Ohhh how times have changed in my world…..on 12/18/2010 I went into my local store to see what all the hype was all about with these smartphones and looked at a LG Apex. I didnt like the idea of touch screens with my big clumsy fingers this will never work out. The sales person said I had 30 days to decide if I like it or not so I said ok, I’ve got nothing to lose. Well in less than a week I told my girlfriend I’m going to mail off my rebate. I couldnt get over how I could check my email, surf the internet and good Lord when I found out about the app store I was off and running and have never looked back. 🙂 I went from the Apex, Mesmerize then I got Electrified and everyday I am just amazed by what it can do. I want to thank U.S Cellular for turning me into the phone geek I am today and I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, My Name Is Tony, a very proud member of the USCC Customer Crew!!

The Awesome Coverage USCC Offers

 Hello and welcome to my blog. I wanted to take some time to show some nice sites from my home area in Fentress County Tennessee and to brag on what awesome service U.S Cellular offers around here. It is so nice to not have to worry about signal issues while on the go. USCC has amazing coverage that no other Cell Carrier offers. Not only that but their customer service go’s far and beyond anything I have ever seen with a company. My name is Tony and I am a proud member of USCC’s Customer Crew.

USCC family never ceases to amaze me!!

Here is a flyer for the Avalon Center

I stopped by our local store in Crossville Tennessee to say hi and to see what everyone was upto. Well while I was there I got to talking with Mike Staggs, our Tech and he started telling me about a program that they are raising money for called the Avalon Center that helps victims of abuse of all kinds. A really amazing program that helps alot of people. A 6ft+ man dressing up in the most extravagant female attire in whats called “Annual Parade Of Beauties”. What makes this so great is this did not come from the top saying they had to do this, this is something that the wonderful people of USCC wants to do to support this program. It seems like everytime I turn around the USCC family is doing something amazing to help in our community to show they are something different and great in wireless. They are not making anything off this, 100% of the money raised go’s to the Avalon Center.

This is why I am and always will be a loyal customer to US Cellular. If its going out and supplying a power source and battery swaps to tornado victims or raising money for great causes they are there. My name is Tony and I am a member of the USCC Customer Crew.

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